G R A P H I C | D E S I G N

The Still Tap

The Still Tap Lounge commissioned me to create this logo.

The concept behind 'The Still Tap' Logo was to create a modern approach to whiskey lounge.

Great Pumpkin Patch

Case study.

This concept is about "It's the great pumpkin, Charlie brown" and I turned it into a pumpkin patch. This idea is about Lynos and the patch he sat in all night to meet "the great pumpkin". I guess in this case, Lynos asked me to help him turn this idea into a reality catered to women ages 14-35 years of age. (who doesn't love a great pumpkin patch, amiright?). I took all the things I loved about a pumpkin patch and just... created.

Gardenia Palace

Case study.

The purpose of this study was to design an entire branded restaurant. It was instructed to choose a two food cuisines and blend them together. I chose to go with a turkish- italian fusion.

Two Moons Snack Co.